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Quality Wooden Urns Individually Handcrafted in the USA by Ron Heinz
Big Urn & Company, LLC
Quality Wooden Urns Individually Handcrafted in the USA by Ron Heinz
It is our sincere belief that during the difficult time of losing a loved one, a family can
benefit greatly from the guidance and counseling of a funeral director. In accordance with
these beliefs, our urns are available only to funeral homes. Thank you for your understanding.

To inquire about any of our products, please contact Ron at:

Telephone:     970-330-8805
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The great brass liquidation is in progress!  
Our goal is to discontinue the brass completely.  Our suppliers
are having too much trouble with color match and quality
control.  I was reluctant to make this decision after we spent so
much time finding new and unique brass for you, but It seems like
I throw away as much as I sell, and we just can't continue.     

We have started selling all brass at a discount.  As you might
guess, some of the most popular will probably sell out first.  
If you have something that you really like, now is the time to
buy.  I will try to keep the website updated as items sell out.
Beetle Kill Pine