“Big Urn” Ron Heinz has become a name recognized by funeral directors as the
standard for a high quality and unique product.  His handcrafted wooden urns are a
popular feature in funeral homes up and down the Front Range of Colorado, as well
as into Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, South Dakota, New
Mexico and Texas. Ron says, “If anyone had told me 20 years ago that I would soon
turn my lifelong passion of woodworking into a full-time business, I might have told
them they were crazy. A friend urged me to look into the construction of urns. I found
some samples, made some measurements, and the rest is history.”  

All the creations coming from Big Urn & Company are completely hand made--one at a
time--in our workshop. Each one is individually sawed, constructed, sanded, and
lacquered with the care it takes to produce a quality product. We continue to carry a
complete core line of reasonably priced, quality urns—the ones that never go out of
style!   Ron is also proud to offer a wide selection of urns that you won't find
anywhere else. These are original designs and special one of a kind or limited-edition
urns. Over the years he has been able to adjust his specialty product line to reflect
the needs of an ever-changing customer base. As consumers demand more
personalized products, we are doing more and more individualized, custom projects.

Please browse--we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the wide range of choices
offered from Big Urn & Company.

"I take pride in the attention we can give to each and every urn. I continue to work
at this "hobby" every day and get much personal satisfaction out of being able to
create that special urn for your loved one. I hope you are able to find something that
fits your needs."
Big Urn & Company
Big Urn & Company, LLC
Quality Wooden Urns Individually Handcrafted in the USA by Ron Heinz
showcases urns that are new or updated.  
Many of them are made in limited
quantities and will not be added to our
regular line.   Please call to check on
prices and availability.
Weathered Wood
Stained Glass
Solid Wood
It is our sincere belief that during the difficult time of losing a loved one, a family can
benefit greatly from the guidance and counseling of a funeral director. In accordance with
these beliefs, our urns are available only to funeral homes. Thank you for your understanding.

To inquire about any of our products, please contact Ron at:

Telephone:     970-330-8805
email:     info@bigurn.com