Big Urn & Company
It is our sincere belief that during the difficult time of losing a loved one, a family can
benefit greatly from the guidance and counseling of a funeral director. In accordance with
these beliefs, our urns are available only to funeral homes. Thank you for your understanding.

To inquire about any of our products, please contact Ron at:

Telephone:     970-330-8805
Big Urn & Company
Quality Wooden Urns Individually Handcrafted in the USA by Ron Heinz
Ron has partnered with local artist May Yipp  to take some of his urns to the
next level.  Now you can purchase a handcrafted urn that is also an original
piece of art. Some are one of a kind and some are from a series
of six, but each one is completely unique. The subject matter ranges from
traditional to abstract.  Call to check on the full inventory.
Abstract ~ full size and keepsake
Fishing Scene ~ full size and keepsake
Highlights on carved images
Stock Tank
KS 5
Yellow Rose
Pink Rose
Day Lily
All painted urns are
Limited Edition Artwork
by May Yipp
Painted urns are
limited to stock on
hand.  Please call
for availability....